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An exclusive Women's Sanctuary

Your health, happiness and blissful success journey begins here with us. Perfectly crafted wellness treatments executed in nature’s lap. A complete Wellness Centre for your Physical, Emotional,Mental and Spiritual Health in God’s own country Kerala.

Contact: Rome

Address: Nadavayal - Nelliyambam Rd, Nadavayal, Kerala , 6735
  Kerala India
Phone: + 0091 762 5036776 ~or~ USA phone Shere Wilbon +01 706 988 3343



We offer accommodation in 30 Villas, Wooden Cottages and Eco Tents with Individual and Multiple Occupancy. Integrates traditional architectural concepts and modern amenities. Enjoy our Ayurveda Restaurant with fine crafted Satvic Menu.

from RS3500 per night - about $50US

We provide guests with a tranquil atmosphere to experience the essence of Nadavayal-Wayanad and Providing Traditional Kerala Ayurveda Treatments, Along with World Class Invasive Cosmetology Treatments and First Exclusive Meditation.

We draw on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda the ancient knowledge that indicates the very measure of life. We offer you the best of Doctor and performed by our trained therapist.

Retreats Ethos
Various Retreats for Spiritual Awakening Woman, Women who has recognized and invoked her inner Goddesses’ power is Enlightened. And Enlightened Woman is a powerful image. A role model. A metaphor. A warning. A source of power. She is Feminine power.

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How to find us
We are in the cooler area of Wayanad, the green paradise nestled among the cooler mountains of the Western Ghats, forming the border world of the greener part of Kerala.

*Retreats Offered *Spa Treatments available *Massage Available *Internet Access