3 Sisters Adventure Trekking
Women guides and assistants for women trekkers

These three Nepalese sisters are pioneers in the field of female trekking guides. Since 1994, they have worked towards empowering women in Nepal. In the early nineties no one would have dreamed of a Nepalese woman guiding a trek.

Contact: Lucky, Dicky and Nicky Chhetri

Address: P.O. Box 284, Lakeside, Khahare, Pokhara - 6, Nepal,
  Nepal Nepal
Phone: ++977 (0)61 524066 (Office) ~or~ ++977 (0)61 551912 (Out of hours)

Fax: ++977 (0)61 532249

Web: https://www.3sistersadventure.com/

Email: trek@3sistersadventure.com

Trekking is for anyone who enjoys walking amongst nature. A trek in Nepal is a scenic walk along mountain trails absorbing all the sights and sounds of a foreign land. It does not require you to cling to sheer cliff walls with the mountain goats.

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They have a variety of treks, many for women only. You do not need to be a “super fit being”. You only need the spirit for adventure. Many trekkers prefer to take along a guide and a porter to enhance the enjoyment of their trip.

Special Offers
Stay in the Chhetri Sisters Guest House, on the edge of the Fewa Lake in Pokhara; the gateway to the Annapurnas. Use this as your base to explore the area.

How to find us
The Chhetri Sisters Guest House is on the edge of the Fewa Lake in Pokhara; the gateway to the Annap