Adventures in Good Company, Inc.
Adventure Travel for Women of All Ages

We are is an active travel company for women with adventurous spirits. We offer small group adventures that encourage women of all ages to (re)connect with their adventurous selves, other women, different cultures and the natural world.

Contact: Marian Marbury

Address: 5913 Brackenridge Ave Baltimore, 21212
  Maryland USA
Phone: 877/439-4042

Fax: 410/435-3084



We create experiences of a lifetime for women seeking a new adventure. We handle the logistics so you can fully experience some of the most breathtaking places on earth alongside other curious women and with the support of our experienced guides.

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Together, we share new experiences. We build community. We eat delicious food. We laugh a lot. And we walk (or paddle, snowshoe, or ski) away with new friendships and a mixture of deep satisfaction and a hunger for our next adventure.

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Customised Tours
Are you looking for a different kind of family or friends reunion, or a women's small group getaway? All you have to do is get your group together and decide when you want to travel and we'll take it from there!