Rensina Travel Adventures
Overland in Mongolia, Morocco and Queensland

Tours to Mongolia, Morocco - we go overland Cultural, camping tours for small groups. We 'slow travel' on this adventure so you can absorb this fascinating country and enjoy the interactions with the local people. Queensland - customised itinerares.

Contact: Rensina van den Heuvel

Address: The Wilderness Carmila, 4739
  Queensland Australia
Phone: + 61 7 49502182



All accommodation, meals, transport, entry fees to all Museums, Monasteries, Concerts and National Parks is included. Accommodation will be in Guesthouses, tents and hotels.

We will introduce you to the culture of these countries, you will meet the people and experience the landscape. you will come back changed.

How to find us
Based in Australia, with regular trips to Mongolia and Morocco and personalised guided tours in Queensland

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Customised Tours
We can create a tour for you in Mongolia and Morocco, or let me be your personal tour guide and driver in Queensland.

*Bookings Necessary *LOCAL TOUR GUIDE