Sunshine Yoga Holidays

With several decades of yoga and health experience and expertise, Lyn Thomas, founder and manager of Sunshine Yoga & Health, presents a gentle but powerful approach to yoga which is impacted with tradition, and offers retreats and holidays

Contact: Lyn Thomas

Address: PO Box 83 New Farm, Queensland Australia, 4005
  Queensland Australia
Phone: Australia Mobile 0422 526 560



The venues and their locations all maintain a high energy but passive essence which is required for a totally fulfilling retreat", confirms Lyn. She has hand-picked all venues specifically for your comfort.

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Australia offers a choice of world class destinations, from the lush bushland of the Gold Coast hinterland to the famous white beaches of pristine Margaret River. Sunshine Yoga and Health\'s weekend retreats locations have been carefully chosen.

Sunshine Yoga has become an authentic style in its own right. It can be mostly likened to hatha yoga. With an influence of many styles Lyn has experienced over the years it has given her a unique and beautifully flowing system called Sunshine Yoga

Retreats Ethos
Specific conscious breathing is a strong focus and is involved with all asanas, vinyasas, relaxations and meditation. A touch of qigong has recently been added to its structure to help manage stress and tension and to increase energy.

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