The Mirror of Eternity
An Esoteric Journey To Egypt with Amber St Clare

Amber St Clare is an Esoteric Egyptologist with a life long passion and fascination with Ancient Egypt, in this tour she shares that journey and wisdom with others. Join her on a pilgrimage to the Temple of the Cosmos,Eternal Egypt.

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  Queensland Australia
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Every year thousands of tourists visit these incredible places and leave again without ever knowing anything beyond an often brief and sketchy commentary given without any real depth to it. Travel with us and let the majesty and mystery of Ancient E

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"My trip to Egypt was so much more than i ever thought it would be, with Amber as our spiritual guide and Mr. Farid (with a wealth of Egyptian knowledge) as our Egyptian guide we were given the opportunity to have private viewings at some sites."

The Ancient Egyptians had the earths first great civilization and even now science is still catching up with some of the things that they already knew thousands of years ago.

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For anyone who is genuinely trying to discover more about themselves and their personal relationship with God,( or however you want to phrase that now), Egypt is a treasure trove of esoteric knowledge and timeless wisdom.

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