Cloud Forest Botanicals
Medicine Trail Walking Tours

Walk the Medicine Way Trail, an easy stroll that takes you from Cloud Forest jungle through meadows and down to wetlands, three distinct micro-ecologies.

Contact: Elizabeth Worley

Address: Alto Jaramillo Boquete,
Phone: 011-507-6636-8663



Learn to identify specific wild rain forest plants with powerful healing properties Become acquainted with plant bio-energetics. Learn simple, effective remedies for common ailments. Taste, touch, smell.

Look up into the shade canopy and marvel at the complex but delicate eco-systems of epiphytes, bromeliads and orchids that live in the high reaches. End your 2.5 hour tour with complimentary organic coffee or herbal tea on the terrace

Finca Luz, home of Cloud Forest Botanicals,grows, wildcrafts and manufactures a complete line of herbal tinctures & skin care products. Extended customized health retreats for wellness, weight loss, recovery are available. Ask.

Retreats Ethos
Board certified health care professionals (US) supervise healing processes. Our focus is on the ability of the individual to heal, to grow in body, mind & spirit. Experience the healing energy of Finca Luz, a site of great power on ancient ley lines.

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How to find us
Finca Luz is 10 minutes by car on a paved road from Boquete, one of Central America's top tourism destinations. Direct flights into Panama City from around the world. In-country flights to David (45 minute drive).

Languages Spoken:
English, Spanish

Day Tours
Finca Luz offers guided tours of Finca Luz, teaching about medicinal plants, their uses traditionally and currently. Tours are offered to Cabana Guests at 50% ($15.00 per person, vs. $30.00).

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