8 Seasons 4 Women
Trips for Women to Lapland

Have you always wanted to visit Lapland? Experience the Mid Night sun or see the Northern Lights. Discover nature up close and personal with us.

Contact: Johanna Heinrich

Address: Miekojärvi 35 Överkalix, 95692
  Sweden Sweden
Phone: +46(0)70-5753340 ~or~ +46(0)70-5748715

Web: http://www.8seasons4women.com

Email: travel@8seasons4women.com

We are committed to conscious and sustainable travel. Relaxed holidays with other women in the nature of Lapland. Enjoy the calm, find your inner self and experience the added value of female companions.

8Seasons4Women offers trips to Lapland, close to nature – for example: Hiking trips during summer, sled dog and snowshoe tours during winter and much more. All our programs have in common the focus on sustainable travel and ecological tourism.

Languages Spoken:
English, German

Customised Tours
Let us organise a tour for you to Lapland. We know the area, and can design a trip to best suit your needs whatever they are.

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