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We offer you a deeper, more authentic and profound experience of a place and people, rather than a “drive by” holiday. Built on the strength of partnerships and shared beliefs, from craft to heritage, feel it all first hand.

Contact: Shilpa Sharma, Bindu M.S

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Most of the places we recommend are small boutique hotels, home stays or even a private residence- making them charming, and great get away at any time

We can quote a price in INR or USD or Euros whatever is convenient. Payments by wire transfers direct into our account.

Most of our trips are immersive interaction led experiences. these are chosen based on the interest levels of our guests and will be shared with them prior to their departure. We also share a detailed list of things you can do on your own time.

How to find us
We are based in Gurgaon, Near New Delhi

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Day Tours
Within all of Mumbai’s pell-mell, we find a chink that offers us a quiet glimpse of people and cultures, and bring you a host of isolated and hidden experiences that exist, largely waiting to be explored...

Customised Tours
Travel, but not like a tourist, see, but not be shown... For all you travel-hungry but time-starved travelers, we create breakaways that get you into the heart of ripe and rare experiences in India.

*Children Welcome *Spa Treatments available *LOCAL TOUR GUIDE