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Jan Cornall is a writer, performer and teacher based in Sydney, who leads creative writing workshops and retreats in Australia and the Asia Pacific. She uses Meditative Writing process to take writers deep into their creative source.

Contact: Jan Cornall

Address: Syndey based ,
  New South Wales Australia
Phone: Contact via email please

Web: https://www.writersjourney.com.au/

Email: jnana@ozemail.com.au

Join Jan on one of her writers journeys to Jan invites you to join us in: BALI FIJI BURMA MOROCCO LAOS and more. Breakthrough Writing, Desert writers, Mekong Meditations. Temple Writing in Burma, Moroccan Caravan.

IN Sydney Jan also has regular workshops - Draft busters - monthly - Write your book weekends - quarterly - Draft Swap - annually

Janís mentoring, workshops and retreats offer essential tools, methods and ongoing support for beginners and experienced, published and unpublished writers of all genres.

Retreats Ethos
Painters, photographers, performance artists, song writers, zinesters and artists in all modalities also find Janís methods helpful in supporting and clarifying their creative process.

Retreats Weblink: http://www.writersjourney.com.au/about/

Special Offers
WOW Workbook Ė Write Your Book On A Weekend and digital Meditations for Writers, available separately or together in the WOW Combo Package.

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