Isafjörður Guide
Nature and Cultural Walks in Iceland

Short walks through the city and up to the slopes above Ísafjörður with a beautiful view over the fjords and valleys. The tours are about history, legends and stories, geology and plants.

Contact: Helga Hausner

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All guides will be lead by highly qualified tour-guides and in consideration of sustainable tourism

All Walks (except Plants) are all year round. Start-Time in summer: Ísafjörður Walk at 10. Plants, Geology and Elves, Trolls and Stories at 14 Start-Time in winter: all Walks at 14

Ísafjörður Walk - An Interesting Journey Through Time. Geology - see the landscape and understand how Iceland was formed. Plants - learn about the Icelandic herbs and their uses. Trolls, Elves and Stories - a special experience

Iceland is the ideal place to be yourself - the unique nature, silence, wideness. Enjoy all that with a nice group. Are you at a turning point in your life and need to take some time off for to concentrate on themselves

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These workshops are held in Spring and Autumn

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Special Offers
The Icelandic Westfjords - Natural Paradise far from the Tourists Roads September 9 to 19. 2015 Experience an exceptional type of tourism - a trip around Westfjords with culture, nature, contacts and time for recreation or relaxing in a hot pot.

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Ísafjörður is a town in the northwest of Iceland. Ísafjörður has an airport with regular flights to Reykjavík. Roads no 60 and 61

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English, German

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Let me show you the area that is home to me.

Customised Tours
Special tours on request: Bus-Tours, Day-Tours, Day-Walks, Photografic-Tours I can also offer tours only for women.

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